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Issaquah Law Group: Experienced Counsel; Client Focus

PHILOSOPHY: Formed in 2014, Issaquah Law Group is a law firm with one focus: providing businesses and insurers with high quality legal representation with the responsiveness of a smaller firm. ILG was founded on the principle that strong client relationships are the key to successful legal representation and strong relationships are built upon clear and consistent communication. 

LITIGATION: We work closely with our clients to fully and accurately understand their goals, work collaboratively to formulate specific legal strategies, and execute the agreed plan of action utilizing methods most likely to result in the efficient and effective resolution of the matter. ILG attorneys have a broad base of litigation experience to draw on in all Federal and State courts from on-the-ground investigations to Supreme Court appeals in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, product liability, commercial general liability, labor & employment, construction litigation, and catastrophic losses due to fire and explosion.

BUSINESS LAW: Rarely is the path from point A to point B a straight line, so our role in a business law practice is to find alternatives, devise workable strategies, and keep your business ideas, goals and objectives moving toward realization. ILG’s business attorneys help clients achieve their goals with respect to business formation, intellectual property, labor and employment, CAN-SPAM, copyright and trademark

COMMUNITY: In addition, the Lawyers at Issaquah Law Group remain active in the legal and civic community. A core commitment of our Issaquah Attorneys is community service. Our attorneys' civic involvement includes the King County Civil Rights Commission; the City of Issaquah Planning Policy Commission; the Northwest Screenwriters Guild, service as a pro tem judge. We live and work in the Pacific Northwest, and we aim to make it a better place.

In addition, through The Amateur Law Professor Blog and LinkedIn postings, we share pertinent opinions and decisions of the Washington State Supreme Court, as well as the pertinent opinions and decisions of the Washington State Courts of Appeal so that our clients can be as update to date on cutting legal issues as we are.

Comedic Tidbit - Judge Finds Contempt for Xanax-Popping Tart (Pro-Tips for Pro Se Litigants)

This is actually quite hilarious. Judge Rodriguez-Chomat is dealing with a low-level offender, who is acting like Lindsey Lohan during her bail hearing/arraignment. The judge, of Hispanic descent, calls her back when she laughs, blows him off, and says "Adios". He bumps her bail. She then flips him off and tells him "Fuck you", to which she gets a 30 day sentence.

Now, what did we learn from this? ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, be respectful to the Court. Too often I see both attorneys and lay people who do not treat the Court like a solemn institution. It kills me. If you are in court for a proceeding, dress your best, and dress conservatively. If all you own is a pair of khakis, wear them. If you don't have a white shirt and tie, find one. If you are female, wear a conservative skirt and blouse. Always address the court respectfully as "Your honor". Say "good morning" or "good afternoon". Explain to the court why you are there. NEVER interrupt the judge. 

These are just a few things that help the Court take you seriously. And yes, this goes for attorneys too, who I have seen violate this wayyyyyy too often. 

I know, I know, I said I'd be posting something substantive. This may be as close as we get :)

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