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Issaquah Law Group - Personal Injury Litigation Attorneys

TRUST: Personal injuries are personal. Which is why the attorneys at ILG treat every client and every case differently. Because they are different, and extremely personal. ILG was founded on the principle that strong client relationships are the key to successful legal representation and strong relationships are built on trust. Trust that you will be heard. Trust that you will be protected. Trust that every effort will be made to see justice done in your case. The singular goal of every ILG attorney is to earn and preserve that trust.

EXPERIENCE: ILG attorneys have a broad base of litigation experience to draw on in all Federal and State courts from on-the-ground investigations to Supreme Court appeals and we bring this experience to bear on behalf of our clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents, bus versus pedestrian accidents, defective and dangerous products, medical malpractice, slip/trip and fall accidents, and catastrophic losses due to fire.

LOCATION: We are located on the Eastside in Issaquah, convenient to Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, Sammamish and North Bend. However, we provide legal services in King County, Pierce County, Snohomish County and throughout the entire state of Washington.

In addition, through The Amateur Law Professor Blog and LinkedIn postings, we share pertinent opinions and decisions of the Washington State Supreme Court, as well as the pertinent opinions and decisions of the Washington State Courts of Appeal so that our clients can be as update to date on cutting legal issues as we are.

Mind, meet Body

Back when I worked in Information Technology, I had a schedule that was largely my own making. I had time commitments. Each service call had to be done either in a four hour or ten hour window. If I had all my parts, and planned my route well, I could theoretically be done with my day with a couple of hours to spare. I used the time to work out.

When I say work out, I'm not talking going to a gym and doing light weights and then 15 minutes of cardio. I generally was there for at least two hours. The first hour was heavy lifting, the second hour was cardio. I was in great shape. My legs could push half a ton. I could run five miles after. My lower back could lift 385. I was in the best shape of my life.

Then, there was change.

I started working in a laptop service center. People would bring their laptops to me, and I had to fix them within two hours. Because I had fixed so many, and had no travel time, I could fix even the damndest problem in 15 minutes. On a busy day, about 7 of my nine hours was spend waiting for the next service call. Because I had to be there, my workouts fell to the wayside. Because I was sitting on my duff so long, I was exhausted from boredom. I'm not complaining, of course. This is the time I decided to work on finishing my B.S., take the LSAT, and apply to law schools. Its what led me to where I am now.

Law school started, and the workouts dropped. I was missing the workouts, which, for me, were something black and white. It was a place where the choice was binary. You either pushed yourself to the edge and lifted the weight, or you didn't give your all and the weight stayed where you started. There was also a certain bit of mind-clearing that comes with lifting for me. No matter what aggressions, hostility, anger, sadness, or other things that I'm feeling, the weights are a way to push that out and return to my zen self.

There are other among us (who eat pop tarts and whose name may or may not be Karen Koehler) that use their workout as a time of reflection, using it a a meditative ground to go over problems they have encountered at work of in life. I can honestly say that is not me. I instead use it as a focus, something that has nothing to do with the rest of life, but that acts as a channel for the frustrations of life at the same time.

So why am I writing about this now? I decided at the start of the year that I was going to make an honest effort to get back into working out. For me now, this involves rolling out of bed at 5:30, taking the dogs around the block, and quickly hitting the gym for two hours. The first for lifting, the second for cardio. And I have to say, its been refreshing. I feel accomplished before the day has really even started, and I roll that sense of accomplishment into my work day, getting a heck of a lot more done.

I'm hoping this will last, because I'm really enjoying not only the challenge of tackling old peaks, but the clarity that comes from the simple reintroduction of mind to body.

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